07 06 / 2020

Storage Story

“I almost fainted when seeing those marks

He said to me with pale face, trembled voice which seems like he was really going to faint.

Both of us are collectors, and to see a beautiful artwork along the corner in our home is the happiness, and the aesthetic of life.

“How come? What happened?”       I asked. 

“I kept them in the storeroom of the house, it was not that bad, only the artwork was in that room but damages still happen”

He said while grazing the edgeof the canvas frame, which some dirt of excrement could be spotted. At some point, marks appear, torned and chipped. It was such a waste because some art could be priced as high as a car. Artworks consist of both value and cost. But unfortunately, many of them are not receiving the correct storage.

“How is your storeroom look like?”

“It’s quite big enough for the artwork, I thought it was okay at first, but I have no idea how it’s going actually”

“It means that your storeroom is not appropriate for the artwork, look at how damp it is

I pointed at the area with some brown spots behind the frame. At that moment, the corner of his mouth quickly turned upside down.

“I just saw that”

he responded with his sadden voice.

Because of the weather in Thailand. Rain or sunlight, dust, insects and reptiles. But if I’ve hada better storage room with stable temperature, or a fully enclosed room but still allowing air to flow. Then it should not be a problem”

But to keep the airconditionon all the time in the house? What a waste. And soit’s difficult for such big piece of work when I have quite limited space to place.”

We look outside the window.

The rain come from far away, despite there’s the heat just a few hours ago. All of a sudden, I thought of the art that was bought and stored in my house. It was placed in a limited place as well. No temperature control or hygroscopic equipment, security system as well. Everything is risky and causing damage to artworks.

I signed, and gently said to him

Anything could happen. No one could expected that”

But we could prevent that. There must be somewhere with a systematic storage, safer and professional”

I closed my eyes and thinking about some place that has a good system, safe, and professional. Suddenly, there’s one word in my mind, the word that I’ve heard from someone.

“You’re right, that reminds me about a place I heard recently, somewhere in Bangkok

 “Really? Please tell me”

JWD Art Space

We are the ecosystem of art in Thailand. A full inclusive storage systems for contemporary art, transportation, installation, repair and consulting.

“Handling you artwork…Artistically” 



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