1. Adisak Choksongsaeng

2. Bruno Ruiz Nava

3. Harit Srikhao

4. Kritti Tantasith

5. Monitor Lizard

6. Montika Kham-on + Phu Kradat

7. Myc3lium

8. Nawin Nuthong

9. Neo Maestro

10. Pasuth Sa-ingthong

11. Pongsakorn Yananissorn

12. Poom Nuthong

13. Tammarat Kittiwatanokun

14. Tan Zi Hao

15. Thanawat Numcharoen

16. Unchalee Anantawat

17. Uninspired by Current Events

18. Wirunwan Pitaktong

Date / Time

26 November 2021-27March 2022


JWD Art Space


Faith like capital is the flow which drives beings into existence. It transmutes fictions into facts and transforms truths into myths, a propellant of histories and the frames of our narratives of them. From seashells and bird feathers, to shiny rocks and digitized credit, the vessels of values change hands like stories at the village market. Faith instills trust in currencies to legitimize and in turn the logic of exchange and trade are the cogs to perpetuate its journey. Texts and their utterance breathe life into myths and money, none more stable than the other.

Fiction then is at once a method to probe history as well as the very medium of its inscription. Feeding on each other, a recollection of a tale traces like blockchain to another, with each trade forking fictions on the go.



Adisak Choksongsaeng, Bruno Ruiz Nava, Harit Srikhao, Kritti Tantasith, Monitor Lizard, Montika Kham-on + Phu Kradat, Myc3lium, Nawin Nuthong, Neo Maestro, Pasuth Sa-ingthong, Pongsakorn Yananissorn, Poom Nuthong, Tammarat Kittiwatanokun, Tan Zi Hao, Thanawat Numcharoen, Unchalee Anantawat, Uninspired by Current Events, Wirunwan Pitaktong

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JWD Art Space

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  • Adisak Choksongsaeng
  • Bruno Ruiz Nava
  • Harit Srikhao
  • Kritti Tantasith
  • Monitor Lizard
  • Montika Kham-on + Phu Kradat
  • Myc3lium
  • Nawin Nuthong
  • Neo Maestro
  • Pasuth Sa-ingthong
  • Pongsakorn Yananissorn
  • Poom Nuthong
  • Tammarat Kittiwatanokun
  • Tan Zi Hao
  • Thanawat Numcharoen
  • Unchalee Anantawat
  • Uninspired by Current Events
  • Wirunwan Pitaktong

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