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8 - 18 February 2024


JWD Art Space


The Art Auction Center, the leading auction house and the largest Antiques empire in Asia, De Siam, cordially invite you to embark on an exploration of boundless horizons at the Art Exhibition and Auction “E L’ART”.

The transformative force of art will guide you to a rich experience through 122 curated art pieces showcased across 8 distinct zones. These zones represent 8 new lands awaiting exploration.

1. “Dans la Forêt (Into the Woods)”

The whispering of the forest, an inspiration for a new journey.

2. “Étreinte de la Mer (Sea’s Embrace)”

Immersed in the vast expanse of the ocean, where your soul drift in the flow of life

– “Au Dessus de l’Horizon (Above Horizon)”

Soar into the sky palace, floating like a dream amidst the vast sky, bringing peace of mind.”

– “Souterrain Éclatant (Volcanic Realm)”

A land ablaze with the eruption of serious and intense thoughts. Encourages explorers to question and be aware of the various contexts that surround them.

– “Terre de la Réflexion (Land of Reflection)”

Embark on a journey to a mysterious land, a delusional city that prompts explorers to delve into the space within their hearts. Search deep into the depths of your mind, seek truths that may be hidden or suppressed. Learn to accept, move on, and face new challenges.

“Imagination Illimitée (Limitless Imaginary)”

Boundless fantasy lands where wanderers embark on timeless odysseys. Explore limitless possibilities and weave endless threads of fulfillment into the fabric of life.

– “Splendeure Occidentale (The Occidental Glory)”

The land of the sunset horizon, where Western civilization initiates.

– “Brise de l’Est (Breeze of the East)”

In the land of the Eastern breeze, where the scent of Eastern culture graces the entirety of the terrain.


Encounter a diverse collection of artworks by prominent Thai and international artists, complemented by the showcase of vintage trunks from renowned French brands Louis Vuitton and Goyard, by De Siam. Once reliable travel companions, these trunks have evolved into valuable collector’s items, now popularly used for decorating buildings and homes, showcasing timeless style and charm.

The exhibition “VOYAGE DE L’ART” will be held from February 8-18, 2024. From 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. at JWD Art Space, 3rd floor.

And the auction will take place on Sunday, February 18, 2024. Registration starts at 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. The auction starts at 2:00 p.m. at JWD Art Space, 3rd floor. For more information, call 02 233 7939 or 065 097 9909.

Get ready to pack your bags and embark on a journey with ‘VOYAGE DE L’ART’ to discover the redefined experience of this art exhibition and auction.

“Highlighting key pieces in ‘VOYAGE DE L’ART.'”

The art exhibition and auction “VOYAGE DE L’ART” will take you on a journey to explore a collection of 122 incredibly unique pieces.

The finest examples of artistic creations recommended and provided information by Mr. Piriya Vachajitpan, founder of The Art Auction Center.

“Stupa” (1994)
Mixed media

Montien Boonma’s exclusive large-scale creation, never published or exhibited, is a transitional work showing the evolution of Montien’s pagodas from 2D in the “Chedi” series to full 3D in the “Arokhayasala” series, internationally reputed masterpiece.

He had an interest in Arokhayasala, which was buildings of Khmer culture found in the northeastern region of Thailand. In the ancient Khmer period, hospitals were designed with two purposes to treat people both physically and mentally simultaneously. As time passes, the wooden buildings decay, leaving only the brick structure, known as “Arokhayasala.”

He believed that the soil used to construct the pagoda was the elemental that embrace the earth. It is the birthplace and home of all life. While soil itself may decay and disappear, clay molded and fired into bricks stands as durable and strong. This can be likened to a life that has been achieved through the refinement of the Dhamma.

This work had been installed at the collector’s private residence since its completion 30 years ago. Now, for the first time, it is being publicly exhibited at auction preview exhibition.

“Landlord of the Earth” (1972)
Ballpoint pen on paper

A large and complex artwork, demanding significant time and meticulous attention to detail, was crafted through a unique process. The artist would recline, chest resting on a pillow, using a pen to painstakingly add depth until an image emerged a human figure with the head of an animal. Despite the passing of many decades, the piece maintains its excellent condition.

“Untitled” (1993)
Acrylic on canvas

An expressionism painting featuring a bird, this artwork is from the early period of a world-famous Thai artist. While people are often more familiar with Natee’s realism, this piece stands out as somewhat unconventional. Unlike many artists who started with realistic work before moving towards abstraction or expressionism, his artistic journey began with expressionism and gradually evolved towards realism.

Natee’s artwork often features still life compositions with various objects arranged on a table. However, each piece carries a distinct concept, meaning, and messages that he aims to convey. It’s this intentional narrative and depth that make his work captivating and engaging.

Oil on canvas

The early works of his draw inspiration from the countryside and nature. This large-scale piece is from a similar era as the “Universe” series, recently auctioned in Hong Kong for 27 million.

“The Waiting – Pink Version, Ed.2/5” (2022)

Molly’s “Crybaby” was a tremendous success and sold out rapidly. This time is particularly special—a pink “Crybaby” The owner consigned this piece for charity auction, with all proceeds going to Maharat Nakhon Chiang Mai Hospital. Without deducting any expenses, and with The Art Auction Center waiving charges, bidders can also benefit from tax deductions at twice the rate.

“Mushkin” (2020)

The original work of Mushkin, the herbivore dinosaur, was created as a standalone piece and initially exhibited in the artist’s first exhibition. Subsequently, Mushkin evolved into a distinctive character. Now, Mr. Kream, is an up-and-coming artist, has had opportunities to collaborate with various international brands.

“Freedom of Speech” (2021)
Oil color, acrylic gouache, and spray on linen

Crafted by an internationally renowned Thai street art artist, this piece is created for himself and has never been displayed before. It is a work born out of political discomfort, where the artist portrays himself with closed ears, closed eyes, a closed nose and mouth, and a bird on his head—a representation of internal pressure. Beyond the creation of beauty and aesthetics, the duty of an artist includes being a voice that reflects diverse social issues. Through their work, artists can communicate and convey messages to the audience.

“Crowd in Deep Water” (1976)
Acrylic on canvas

Kitti Narod is an emerging Thai artist who has gained international popularity. His distinctive style involves portraying numerous individuals with elongated bodies and extended limbs in the same frame, utilizing contrasting and vibrant colors. His work is characterized by intricate details and requires a significant amount of time to create.

Acrylic on canvas

Drawings from the early stages of Wanda’s career, predating the renowned “Pak Ma” series, showcase the artistic work of Wanda Chaima. a new generation artist who is worth keeping an eye on. Her creations feature compelling content.

Saya Thaung
“Family Portrait” (Late 19th to early 20th)
Gouache on cloth

Myanmar artist Saya Thaung can be compared to Thailand’s Khrua In Khong. Initially, he served as a painter for the royal court, and following a change in government, he transitioned into an independent artist. Notably, he was among the first in Myanmar to incorporate light, depth, and perspective into his paintings, reminiscent of Western techniques.

This exhibition also features works by renowned ASEAN artists, including another esteemed Myanmar citizen, U Lun Gywe. As a distinguished and living senior artist, U Lun Gywe is recognized for his contemporary creations that reflect the daily life in Myanmar.

Additionally, the exhibition includes pieces by Raden Basuki Abdullah, an Indonesian artist who previously served at the Thai royal court. Widely acknowledged as the most renowned portrait artist in the region. The collection also encompasses artworks from various Southeast Asian countries that are gaining increased attention from collectors and museums, anticipated to have a higher potential value in the future.

Other notable works include “Alex Face’s work on the character Mardi, a three-eyed girl with rabbit ears. It is a piece that was displayed in an exhibition in Italy.

Chuang Moolpinitj’s work was drawn as part of a poster for the movie Krai Thong in 1980, as well as Chakrabhand Posayakrit’s sketch of an ideal beautiful woman.

The special piece, inspired by murals and titled “Pu Man Ya Man”, echoes the whispers of love in Nan Province. This creation is by Suchao Sisganes, also known as the Van Gogh of Thailand.

H.S.H. Princess Marsi Sukhumbhand Paribatra’s work distinguishes itself from her typical pieces through its unique approach. Unlike her colorful creations, this surrealist composition is characterized by monotone colors showcasing large flowers. Upon closer inspection, the viewer can notice the gradual emergence of a human figure within the intricate details of the artwork.

The exhibition also features the work of Galileo Chini, an Italian artist who was commissioned to paint the Grand Royal Palace of the Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall during the reign of King Rama V. Additionally, there are coins designed by Silpa Bhirasri before his journey to Thailand.

Moreover, there is a print dating back to 1688 by a French artist who visited Thailand during the reign of King Narai the Great. The artwork depicts a map of Ayutthaya, featuring images of King Narai the Great and Phraya Kosathibodi (Pan), the ambassador dispatched to France.

Experience the art exhibition and auction “VOYAGE DE L’ART” between February 8 – 18, 2024 from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. at JWD Art Space, 3rd floor. The auction will be held on Sunday, the 18th. February 2024, at JWD Art Space, 3rd floor. Registration for the auction starts from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and auctions begin at 2:00 p.m.

Many of these artworks are rare and not easily accessible, with some possibly never to be seen again in a lifetime. Attend this event, and you’ll not only witness extraordinary art but also gain insights into the history of famous brands and journey into the past. In his final remark, Mr. Piriya Vachajitpan emphasizes, that “it’s truly worth the visit”.

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