04 01 / 2024

5 Art Trends Coming in 2024

It has become an annual tradition that each new year ushers in a new set of trends, encompassing fields like fashion, food, design, and many others that forecast the trends for the upcoming year. Art is one of these trendsetting domains for 2024. However, many people might wonder about the origins of these trends. Experts predict them based on the emerging art trends gaining popularity in the current year, expected to be a blast in 2024. As the new year begins, here are five trends of 2024 that we’re excited to introduce to you.
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1. The bold and the beautiful
Many have observed a long-standing preference among collectors for minimalist and simplistic art. However, a significant shift emerged during the pandemic: the rise of a movement known as ‘dopamine decor.’ This trend emphasizes vibrant colors and designs that evoke feelings of joy, positivity, and brightness. It aligns with the concept of triggering dopamine release in the brain, the chemical linked to pleasure and reward. Experts concur that this trend is poised to gain significant popularity in 2024.
2.Big things, small package
During the gift-giving season, you might often hear the phrase, ‘Good things come in small packages.’ This sentiment holds true in the realm of art as well. With an increasing number of individuals residing in smaller dwellings such as apartments and townhouses, it’s understandable that clients are drawn to smaller art pieces. The size of the available space naturally dictates the size and style of the artworks being sought. Moreover, for emerging collectors, investing in small-scale originals provides an entry point into art collecting. Not only is it a more affordable option, but it also allows individuals to explore art despite any financial constraints caused by a cost-of-living crisis.
3. Mix it up
Art encompasses various forms. Apart from paintings, mixed media artworks have surged in popularity. This art form involves artists crafting pieces using a multitude of mediums, resulting in truly unique creations. The rise in mixed media’s popularity is attributed to its capacity to diversify a collector’s collection. Moreover, it enables individuals to experiment with different styles, expanding their artistic taste.
4. Wall to wall
When the art-collecting bug bites, there’s no turning back. Statistics indicate that numerous collectors have already created or are considering building a gallery wall within their homes, transforming their spaces into distinctive private art galleries. This personalized space allows them to curate their own narrative by incorporating various collectibles like vinyl records, porcelain plates, mirrors, clocks, and more. It’s a means of showcasing their unique style through their diverse art collection.
5. Original thought
Many art collectors often begin their collection journey with more affordable pieces such as prints. However, data indicates an interesting trend: approximately 80% of return buyers transition from prints to original artworks, showcasing a maturation in their artistic preferences.  Original pieces, whether paintings, sculptures, or other forms of art, tend to retain or even appreciate in value far more than prints. This is why collectors recognize the long-term investment value inherent in acquiring original works.


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