12 08 / 2023

Art Appreciation 101 : A Not-So-Secret Principle to See Art

Visiting art galleries and museums has emerged as a prominent trend among the art enthusiasts of this generation, who relish both the experience of appreciating art and curating content for their social media platforms. Nonetheless, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that the substantial influx of visitors to art exhibitions can inadvertently pose risks, potentially leading to artwork damage due to visitors’ carelessness. To minimize the risk of causing any harm during your exhibition visit, here is one significant principle in seeing art.
What would happen if you interact with an artwork?

An essential guideline for visitors to keep in mind when attending an art exhibition is to refrain from touching the artworks. Even the slightest contact, such as a touch of your fingertip, can lead to potential damage. A seemingly minor touch has the potential to unintentionally scratch or even break the delicate pieces. Additionally, maintaining a safe distance from the artworks is crucial to prevent vibrations that could potentially dislodge the pieces. Restoration to their original condition can be exceptionally challenging in cases of damage, underscoring the importance of appreciating art without direct interaction. So, the best way to enjoy art is to not interact with any of the objects.

On the other hand, several galleries have implemented measures to mitigate the risks associated with displaying art pieces. One such approach is the adoption of ‘art insurance,’ which provides coverage for potential damages to paintings, sculptures, and valuable items caused by fire, theft, and vandalism. This coverage encompass damages that may occur during transportation as well.

When it comes to managing and mitigating potential risks, JWD Art Space is your ideal destination. We provide comprehensive art insurance backed by an international company, encompassing every step from meticulous packing and secure transportation to storage within our dedicated art storage facilities. Moreover, our team offers tailored guidance for all forms of artwork. You can have complete peace of mind knowing that your invaluable art piece is safeguarded against all conceivable risks.
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