21 02 / 2020


From the minute you buy an artwork, it starts to countdown itsage

As you store your art collection somewhere with unstable temperature, it take risks to get damage from heat, humidity or other matters. However, there are some knowledgeable facts to help you preserve your collectionsintheir best condition. Let’s check outonhow totake greatcare of these precious artworks now!


Premium FineArt works certainly have their value, and to keep them is not as easy as flip our fingers.

Aside from the joy of seeing them hanging around everyday, art is also considered as assets for another type of financial investment. Some artworks may cost millionsBaht, and to protect that valuable property of yours, the art storage must come with high level of safety. If there is no security system or smart camera to monitor, they should at least bestored insafetylockerswith the good quality or solid enough to prevent fromtheft.


Although the artwork’s reputation is timeless,yetit has lifeexpectancy

Similar to the car that you need to spend on maintenance fees, each artwork needs maintaince care anddifferent storage system indicate to their own type, feature, sizes, values and other condition. So, to choose the appropriate space for each work is meant to cherish them in a different manner.
Furthermore, when damages happen with the art piece- either caused by time or unintentional reasons, it needs to be repaired. Whether it is tear marks, mold, stain, etc, it has to be in the care of a specialist because of some artpieces must be treated upon scientific processes as well.


Sometimes, weather can be unexpected

Rain might falls in summer while sunny days could happen during winter. Proper planning must be prepared to deal with such unpredicted weather. Some art are made in fragile materials such as paper, and to store them in the right space with stable temperature can prolong the life of the artwork. You might think of buying air condition or humidifier to maintain the artwork, but it could cost a fair bit.


Even art piece need transportation

Start from packaging process, each one need a different method up to size or category. Therefore it requires an expertise expert to take care of an art pieces from the first place to the destination. Transportation car size should be appropriate and safety enough to ensure all is not going to damage during the transportation


Evertything could be at risk

Galleries or museums may borrow the art piece from you, and accidents may happen, or it can even happen right inside your house. In order to maintain their value, some art insurance service should be done to minimize the risk.

Track Your Artwork by Technology

You maybelying on the beach somewhere or climbing the mountain at the other side of the world, butyou could still connect with your art collection via real-time updates on its condition directly from the storage via mobile app.


JWD Art Space is provide full process of shipping, documenting, consulting and handling of Arts under the supervision of expertise and insurances. We speaks internationally, with the help of technology, we are able to connect with you via our exclusive mobile application where you can track the condition of your artwork anytime. From transportation to storage, you are ensured your art collection is safe with us.





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