13 01 / 2024

The Aesthetic of Peach Fuzz : Color of the Year 2024

As we approach the two-week mark of 2024, individuals, particularly those in the art and design fields, eagerly anticipate the Pantone Color of the Year announcement. This influential revelation serves as inspiration for new projects throughout the year. In 2024, the chosen hue is Peach Fuzz.
PANTONE 13-1023 Peach Fuzz is a velvety, gentle peach that embodies an all-encompassing spirit, enriching the mind, body, and heart. It introduces a fresh perspective on softness, evoking feelings of tenderness and conveying messages of care, sharing, community, and collaboration. These emotions provide comfort, especially in times dominated by conflict. As we embark on the new year, here are various artworks from different cultures showcasing the soothing qualities of the peach color, Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2024.
JWD Art Space wishes you a 2024 filled with happiness and warmth, mirroring the comforting shade of Peach Fuzz. We hope this color inspires art enthusiasts and collectors in their pursuit of new additions to their collections this year. Our team of professionals is prepared to cater to your invaluable collection with Fine Art Logistics services, including storage, transportation, installation, conservation, import-export, and risk management.
Ancient Chinese Art

In Chinese tradition, the color peach symbolizes good fortune and longevity, with its roots tracing back to the mythical ‘Peach tree of Immortality.’ True to its name, this legendary tree is said to bear peaches every thousand years, and consuming them is believed to bestow immortality upon those who partake. Frequently employed in artistic contexts, especially as a backdrop, peach holds profound cultural significance in China. It mirrors potent and positive values found in folklore, traditions, and artistic forms of expression.

Oil Paint, Still Life & Rococo

With the rise of oil paint’s popularity in Europe, artists began incorporating peaches extensively, particularly in still life painting, owing to their widespread appeal as subjects. The use of oil paint allowed for the refinement of European skin tones.

This trend was most prominent during the Rococo era, characterized by its playful and light atmosphere. Rococo artists favored peach tones for their soft and warm qualities, using them to impart an elegant and frivolous appearance to their art. This choice symbolized an appreciation for life’s pleasures during that period.


In the Impressionist era, artists embraced peach tones for their ability to capture the nuances of light and atmosphere in their paintings.

The use of peach hues served to convey the warmth and radiance of sunlight, particularly during moments like sunrise or sunset. More than merely achieving accurate colors, the incorporation of peach in their works was a means of expressing the mood and emotions inherent in a scene—a fundamental aspect of Impressionist art.

Contemporary Culture

In the 2020s, peach has gained notable popularity, often regarded as the Gen Z iteration of ‘millennial pink.’

Peach introduces a feeling of comfort and nostalgia, emerging as a favored option for homeware and interiors. It imparts a soothing and familiar ambiance in a world that can often seem uncertain. Whether adorning our homes, appearing in our wardrobes, or making a statement on screen, peach has transcended its role as a mere color. It has evolved into a symbol of emotional comfort and simplicity in our contemporary lives, making it a fitting choice for Pantone’s Color of the Year 2024.




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