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22 - 30 July 2023


JWD Art Space


It’s time to ‘color up’ your life and your art collection through COLOR UP, an art auction campaign organized by The Art Auction Center (TAAC), Delta Paint and JWD Art Space.


COLOR UP takes place on Sunday 30 July, 2023, while the registration opens from 10 AM to 1 PM and the auction starts at 2 PM. The exhibition of the collection is available for viewing from 22 to 30 July, 2023, from 10 AM to 7 PM, on the 3rd Floor of the JWD Art Space.

COLOR UP is the 9th auction campaign by TAAC, a leading auction company in Thailand, which joined by Delta Paint, an expertise in colors that always combines new innovation and technology into creating high quality products loved by customers for decades. Also joining is JWD Art Space, a one-stop service provider in logistics and all supplied chains related to the art industry, from packing, delivering, maintaining and consulting.

This auction campaign consists of top-class 115 art pieces from renown artists, divided by colors and color matching technique based on thousands of Delta Paint’s available products. A house can be ready for moving in, as followings:

Rainbow is Hope

Red is Life

Nude is Warmth

Pink is Love

Gold is Royalty

Black and White is Darkness and Light

Green is Growth

Blue is Peace

Yellow is Energy

Orange is Strength


Every lot that is to be auctioned off in the COLOR UP auction was craftly created by each artist, representing their unique identities, as well as their abilities and expertise in art, in terms of essence, materials and formats. This collection of art can, therefore, open up new perspectives, define more meanings and deliver the artists’ expressions to the audience memorably.

Whether you are an art collector looking for the next favorite piece for your home collection or an art appreciator seeking to discover the wonderfulness of the art world and colors, this auction will definitely be a hard-to-forget experience.

Mark your calendar, so you don’t miss being a part of the celebration of colors and the deep and meaningful impact in which colors affect art and life, only at this exclusive auction campaign, COLOR UP.


11 Highlights in the COLOR UP Auction Campaign

  • California by Pratuang Emjaroen

“A large painting created while the artist travelled to find inspirations in California, USA. It is from the same collection as the piece that was auctioned at Christie’s for nearly 20 million Baht, 3 years ago. It is indeed a rare, one-of-a-kind, exclusive piece, with a good-value starting price.”

  • A Lively Beautiful Girl by Basuki Abdullah

“This piece is from an Indonesian artist who drew portraits for many iconic statemen and once served in the Thai Royal Court as well as drew a portrait for King Rama 9 of Thailand and his family. This painting of a girl by Basuki Abdullah is uniquely picturesque, charming and lively.”

  • Brush Stroke Masterpiece by Thawan Duchanee

“This brush-stroke piece by the great artist, Thawan Duchanee, displays the unique lines coming from stroking a big paintbrush quickly on a paper, creating a picture of a horse jumping toward the audience. Master Thawan’s paintings are often copied by many, but this one has been guaranteed of its authenticity.”

  • An Exclusive Art Piece by Suchao Sisganes

“Master Suchao is considered by many as Thailand’s Vincent Van Gogh because he used the same technique as Master Van Gogh, painting with thick paints. Back when he was still alive, his works which mostly expressed sadness didn’t get much attention but became widely sorted after his death, causing the price of his works to go up. The piece featured in this auction is an oil-on-canvas painting inspired by Thai traditional painting, but given a twist by using modern techniques. This work is, therefore, very precious and rare”

  • Face by Jang Saetang

“The self-portrait of Jang Saetang’s is an expressionist piece, painted with poster colors very quickly. Drawing oneself is like observing how one’s body changes. This could be drawn with many techniques, many types of colors. Jang was an artist that learned by himself. He experimented and discovered new things. Nowadays. collectors as well as world renown museums alike are trying to search for his works to include in their collections.”

  • A Rare Art on Wood by Prayat Pongdam

“The national artist in printing Prayat Pongdam used to create new works on a piece of wood using a color drawing technique, carving and gilding. His works always have depth and dimensions. The one featured in this auction is a picture of a lotus with fish swimming underneath. It was painted in 1969, before he turned to printing. So, his paintings are limited in numbers and the one featured in this auction is a rare find.”

  • A Combination Between Thai Tradition and Modern Techniques by Panya Vijinthanasarn

“A large painting by Panya Vijinthanasarn is an integration between Thai traditional painting and modern techniques. The one featured is a face of a Buddha statue from Sukhothai Era, painting uniquely and using gilding technique to decorate. This work is about 3 meters, a great combination between an older era and a newer era of art.”

  • An Abstract Era of Natee Utarit

“Natee Utarit is a Thai artist that has been a part of the global art community, being highly respected and having works auctioned off in many countries. He started to work on abstracts at first, before switching to realistics. He is known for his still-life paintings by many, but very few are aware of his abstracts. Therefore, the piece featured is not usually seen anywhere and is very rare.”

  • A Couple in the Rain by Kitti Narod

“Kitti Narod is another artist being widely respected both domestically and internationally. His work auctioned in China was valued at 5 – 6 million Baht. His works are high in rarity, so collectors usually have to queue up on waiting lists. But one is featured in this auction. It is the lovely painting of a couple under an umbrella in the rain. Prior to making this piece, Kitti painted abstracts and later on changed to portraits with humans in lengthy forms and vivid colors, appropriate for modern interior.”

  • Paint Like a Master of Street Art, Alex Face

“Alex Face is undoubtedly one of the top street artists in Thailand, who is very skillful with his spraying techniques. But the piece featured in this auction is a painting, showing how he is also skillful with his brushstrokes on canvas. This work is inspired by the works of Manet, the pioneer of impressionism. He drew a pond full of lotuses with Mardi bunny girl in the middle. This work was auctioned and featured in museum’s displays prior to this auction.”

  • More Than a Toy ‘Art Toy’

“Art toy is another type of art that becomes very popular in recent years. Many Thai artists have been put in spotlights globally, such as Mue Bon, 2CHOEY, Gongkan, Alex Face etc. Art toy collecting is suitable for novice collectors because the price is relatively lower. And for well-experienced collectors, art toys can add more flavors and colors to their collections. This campaign includes a highlight such as a big art toy of Molly’s.”

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