27 05 / 2020

Art, in the fast-paced society

For certain, human behavior shifts from time to time, driven from social factors that results in physical changes, environmental or other cognitive standard, but usally occur slow and steady. However, it took only one severe event to shift the whole world’s behavior within the fraction of three-months. And we all know what that is.

Many businesses have declared bankruptcy, entrepreneus were in major losses. Every industry right now is facing the crisis which requires complete revolutionize, even in art.

The art needs funds to drive them forward, just like any other businesses. This is the situation when art workers and institues are currently deliberating and revising on their own roles in the industry.

Before the pandemic, many art institutes and musems required entrance fees, souvernirs selling or merchandising by various forms. Art fairs and galleries earned by trading of artworks and market shares. Many art collectors were ready to spend on expensive works, either for personal interest or investment purposes- just like real estate investments. Artists- those matter most in creating the arts- got funds by selling their works, copyrights and exhibitions. This applies to other Fine Art-related occupations as well.

World changes, art adapts.
It is easy to spot out that many art galleries and museums worldwide have asked for the help of Virtual Reality (VR) in order to continues their exhibitions. Using 3-dimensionals technology, audiences who love art (and maybe also love technology) could able to view extraodinary paintings and sculptures through our screens, regardless of when or where we are.

Although, not every gallery could afford the virtual media due to its high cost and complexity of technology requires. And furthermore, the most important part in enjoying arts is the real experiences by seeing them on your own. The real textures on the painting surface, the walk along the gallery space, the colors on canvas, the remarkable inking on papers, the reflections, light and shadow cast on sculptures, amazed by the enormous or microscopic size of an artwork- that’s what makes the gallery visit worth-while.

Online is fun, but cannot imitate real art exhibitions.

Art fair, auction events or galleries have turned to expand their marketing through online and digital platforms believing to increase sales, in order to adapt to the new behavior of the society we’re living in. Art Fair that used to be on the spot selling only with physical brochures, is now enhancing online buying where collectors can easily purchase and view them online. The industry has expected it to happen at some point, but the situation has putting thoughts into actions.

In addition, we have noticed the widespread of online meeting applications, which were not a very popular option for meetings until the Covid-19. Followed with that, online conferences, livestreaming talkshows and concerts happening, which brought along quite a few benefits for the viewers. The art industry is also walking along with the trend: many art institutes and galleries are currently holding Art-talks online where guests are welcomed to join the talk for free- no registrations or no tickets required. The dicussions takes place involving art-economic experts, artists, curators, art institutes directors or galleries owner; with topics surrounding various senses of social dimensions on art market and global financial rate. Therefore, audiences are getting unlimited informations and knowledge with only a click.

As we have always know, world keeps changing, and driving forward. And along with this major change, you are not alone. Just like a small seed could bloom in a big field, a big field needs human, water, birds, wind and sunlights. Everything is a cycle that life connects, and this pandemic is also an occurrence for humanity and yourself to push ourselves forward. Like putting on a new pair of glasses after taking off the old ones after a long period of time, you might take a while to get used to it, this strangely feelings. But you’re seeing things clearer and better than before.

Being online active is a development for human. Thanks to technology, everything is getting easier and more creative. Many art institutions will begin to adjust themself with new and various platforms, make a collaboration with others, or creates more business line from now on. Some may slowly leave their galleries or business. Things will gradually uncover.

What happened should not be concluded whether it was good or bad. There is no summarizations or definitions that is suitable for, because it results differently in our own thoughts. But it can be said that this has changed human behavior urgently. The other new behavior may hidden in the recesses, wait for the day to reveal itself surprisingly.

Until the day comes, there are still so much more to learn.

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