03 02 / 2024

Picasso & Chagall Paintings Found After 14 Years of Being Stolen

Every piece of art possesses a distinct charm and unique identity, whether derived from its age, meaning, or the artist’s reputation. These elements collectively enhance the artwork’s value, prompting many individuals to invest in costly airfare to appreciate the celebrated creations associated with the world’s master artists. Beyond mere spectators, these artworks become coveted treasures for criminals, willing to go to any lengths to acquire these priceless masterpieces. It unfolds as a narrative of numerous art heists. Today, JWD Art Space unveils the tale of discovering paintings by two renowned artists, Pablo Picasso and Marc Chagall, recently unveiled in January.

Tracing back to 2010, two valuable works—Picasso’s portrait “Tête” (1971) and Chagall’s “L’homme en prière” (1970)—were stolen from the residence of an art collector in Tel Aviv, with a combined value nearing $1 million at that time. In January, a Belgian citizen reported to local authorities in Namur that the paintings were being offered for sale. An investigation ensued against the suspected culprit, a 68-year-old Israeli watch dealer, who was traced to a residence in Namur. Despite finding a substantial amount of money during the search, the long-lost artworks were not recovered.

“Although admitting to possessing the paintings, the suspect refused to disclose their whereabouts,” the authorities’ statement added.

The investigation directed the authorities to an Antwerp residence, where they discovered the paintings unharmed and still within their original frames.

The tale of art theft we’ve shared illuminates the profound significance of a dedicated storage facility for the cherished art collections of individuals. Beyond the meticulous regulation of temperature and humidity, the paramount role of security should not be understated. JWD Art Space stands poised to cradle the artistic treasures of collectors within our Fine Art Storage facility – a haven adorned with a world-standard security system and an environmental control system tailored to embrace a diverse array of artworks. Furthermore, our team of professionals is at your service, offering insightful consultations and a spectrum of Fine Art Logistics services to enhance the splendor of your artistic journey.


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