26 01 / 2024

Roller: A must-have item for the art handlers

Renowned for its exhibition of contemporary art, JWD Art Space also offers Fine Art Logistics services, encompassing the transportation of various artworks. One challenge our team of experts faces is moving sizable and weighty artworks or crates. Nevertheless, when it comes to handling heavy items, our Art Handlers team has a must-have tool known as the roller.

Rollers, dollies, or commonly referred to as ‘turtles’ by some Thai people, are specialized tools crafted to facilitate the movement of heavy objects. They find frequent use in industrial settings, construction sites, and warehouses. Typically, a roller consists of a robust platform equipped with a set of wheels or rollers underneath. The platform is designed to bear the weight of the objects being transported, while the wheels or rollers ensure smooth movement. At JWD Art Space, where services such as Fine Art Storage, import, and export are offered, our art handlers strategically place rollers beneath crates, enabling convenient and efficient movement.

Drawing on the extensive experience of a team that has undergone meticulous training over the years and equipped with standardized tools, JWD Art Space stands prepared to offer comprehensive transportation and logistics solutions for a diverse range of artworks. Furthermore, we are dedicated to the meticulous care and management of art collections, guaranteeing that each precious piece is exceptionally well-preserved.

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