04 04 / 2020

Central Gallery of the exhibition ‘Die Schöne Heimat’: Part 2



Great art is sometimes occured for the period of time.

The word ‘JEDES WESEN FOLGT SEINER NATUR’  has its concept originating from one poem. This sentence can be translated as- Everything has its own life or soul which will eventually return to search for its origin. To clarify more, every human was born innocent. Until his growth made him pass through the environment or mental manipulation, the original self therefore ran away. But in the end, there will be a period in his life that he will return to learn once again about who he is.


‘Untitled’, Ink on Canvas, 1984

These works were created with ink in 1984. Somboon has paid a lot of his attention and concentration. It is like taking notes of thought with an enormous amount of lines that cannot be read in the language of the characters that man invented. There is something hidden within the weight of these lines.

When human life changed, it was about the way they learned or adapted. For the artist themselves, he brought those real-life experiences to the art as a record of life. Lines in the work are then interesting as it was recorded with abstract stripes or patterns.


‘Untitled’, Metal Sculpture Installation, 2019

When we see rocks, they are us and we are them, same as the metal sculpture installation.

When humans look into the material and find the way to work or stay with them, it is compared to the Western philosophy or ‘Metaphysics’, in which the idea is about everything that exists, but do we see each other or not?

These works, the artist put his ideas and identity into the work. When two become one, it is then united. The result is the calmness which the artist wants to present. However, regardless of the type of artwork. Its results must show an identity interestingly, or have a specific abstract state through various presentation techniques. In the sense of the workpiece, regardless of what material it is. All exist in one’s self, that happens naturally. Therefore, when artists create an artwork. Experience or knowledge therefore transmits and communicates through intuition as a matter of nature. 

About two small sculptures which were separated from their large composition may get people to come to understand that it was an excess. But to consider them exhaustively, one will find some harmony within. In a sense that it makes an interaction with the painting in the same area, which creates a new story. But it is still the part of the main sculpture that has been separated.

‘Untitled’, Pencil on Paper, 1995

These works have their own style clearly. 

As linking of these concepts, this artwork series has the meaning: to observe at close range, it is found that each piece has details packed with the weight of the pencil line. But for overall composition, look as if they were floating in an empty space.

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