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Often put in the box of questions, art has ever been looked upon by the world as an unreachable or incomprehensible aesthetic ideal among most people. Fortunately, today people become more familiar with the art. It does not mean that art has something aligned with them. But they are more open to the interpretation and evaluation of art. They are courageous enough to criticize and discuss and express their feelings clearly and concretely.

With increasing familiarity, art has become part of everyday life and artists have been respected as a worthy role model for lifestyle alterations. This will be seen more often. Some may say that buying an art piece does not mean you pay only for the art item but also the artist’s life-long experience and the value he or she offers.

The Character ME project presents 10 artists: Yuree Kensaku, Maythee Noijinda, Jitsing Somboon, Vasan Sitthiket, Sutee Kunavichayanont, Lampu Kansanoh, Wutigorn Kongka, P7, Youenmo Koo, and Line Censor.

the artists’ works of art and transformed their perceptions into bronze sculptures in a more casual way with a mischievous twist in response to a global rising trend for art toy. Participating artists are presenting their work through POP Art and get them seasoned well to be in line with today’s requirements. However, these do not overlook the aesthetic value of art and allow viewers to use their imagination to get the message the artists want to communicate.

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