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11 November - 29 December 2023


Private Viewing Room


“The Texture” is a solo exhibition by P7, a contemporary artist who has a passion in experimenting with new concepts and consistently crafting unique series of works that diverge from his previous endeavors. In this exhibition, P7 presents a new series of works that inspire viewers to unleash their imagination through paintings, sculptures, and installations, all exclusively created for display in the Private Viewing Room at JWD Art Space.

The inspiration for this exhibition derives from the concept of “Invisible Things.” P7 has creatively crafted his works from the things he observed, without adhering to any preconceived plans or patterns. These pieces serve as a translation of his emotions in that moment. The result is artworks that depart from the familiar, allowing viewers a window into another perspective of art. This artistic endeavor can be likened to an experiment, where the artist combines his expert technique with a fondness for Dadaism and Avant-garde, resulting in unique paintings, sculptures, and installations.

Upon entering the exhibition, P7 invites everyone to engage with the artworks depicting familiar objects. He has skillfully integrated elements that introduce an ambiguity, igniting curiosity in all. However, P7 also encourages everyone to interpret this ambiguity freely, allowing your imagination to lead you to your own understanding.

Venue: Private Viewing Room at JWD Art Space, 3rd floor

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About the Artist          

Known for his realistic paintings, many might not have had the chance to encounter another aspect of P7’s artistic range. Even though he has a passion for exploring new concepts and techniques, he consistently leaves behind his distinctive signature, allowing viewers to unmistakably recognize his creations as P7’s works.

Not only are collectors keen on acquiring his pieces, but also various renowned brands and services are enthusiastic about collaborating with him. Despite repeated exposure to P7’s works through both domestic and international media, the demand to possess his creations has never waned over the past two decades.

His artworks are open to viewers’ imagination, inviting everyone to use their own understanding and experiences to interpret them. As an artist, he also incorporates the skills and experiences he has acquired through training to create his works. This element significantly enriches each piece.

As a contemplative individual who enjoys asking questions and dares to explore new ideas, this fosters the continuous evolution of P7’s works. He has always strived to develop his work. Moreover, those who admire P7’s creations have continuously grown alongside him. Simultaneously, the next generation has also embraced the world of P7’s art.

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Private Viewing Room

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