05 08 / 2021

Online programme: Artists in Conversation

Webinar 1: From the book to the exhibition

JWD Art Space has finished the first online event for the series ‘Artists in Conversation’ on July 31, 2021. With the titled ‘A Life Beyond Boundaries: from the book to the exhibition’, this event is the part of the exhibition ‘A Life beyond Boundaries (The Geography of Belonging)’. The curator and invited speakers have departed from the curatorial framework of the exhibition to unpack the legacy and inspiration of Benedict Anderson’s book “A Life Beyond Boundaries” in which he describes how he came to theorize nationalism and national imagining. Featured artists in the exhibition who share ideas, interrogate possibilities and complicate the already challenging question of national identity in relation to each subjective experience living and/or belonging to Southeast Asia.

The webinar was moderated by Loredana Pazzini – Paracciani
In conversation with: Charnvit Kasetsiri, Boedi Widjaja, Mark Salvatus, Norberto Roldan

For anyone who missed the event, please see the video from this link


Webinar 2: An online lecture performance: ‘Apocalyptic Smile’ on August 14, 2021,

Irwan Ahmett and Tita Salina, together with the curator- Renan Laru-an and Loredana Pazzini.  The performance is based on the duo’s research on the Ring of Fire, the epicentre of almost all earthquakes in the country. The site of clashing earth plates becomes a symbol of competing ideologies that collide with violent repercussions, like war and peace, colonialism and feudalism.

For anyone who missed the event, please see the video from this link


The third webinar is Live Streaming Event: “Art and Video Game” on 28 August 2021. Incorporation with A+ Works of Art and Bangkok CityCity Gallery.

In this online event, exhibition artist Hà Ninh Phạm and invited artist Nawin Nuthong will discuss their relationship with art and video game culture both as receivers and as developers. Respectively from Vietnam and Thailand, Hà Ninh and Nawin have grown up relying on the virtual world as infrastructural scaffoldings to develop their ability to cope and understand the ‘real’ world. As artists, they both expand their practices into the research and has adopted video games as storytelling instrument, mapping tools both physical and metaphysical, to consider alternative ways for the production of knowledge.

Watch this video if you missed the event

And the last event online from the current exhibition is the online round table “Boundaries Beyond Life: Memory, Myth and Matter” which was on Friday September 17, 2021. We have invited selected artists featured in the exhibition “A Life Beyond Boundary (The Geography of Belonging)” to revisit A Life Beyond Boundary: A Memoir— a memoir by Benedict Anderson (1936-2015), and the source of inspiration for the exhibition. The book described not only Anderson’s memory of working in Southeast Asia, but his extraordinary life. It was published in Japanese, English and Thai after he passed away; it has outlived the author and overcomes its sense of geographical belonging. Also, the invited moderator-Vipash Purichanont and selected artists featured in the exhibition- Citra Sasmita, Haffendi Anuar, Soe Yu Nwe and Vuth Lyno to examine their art practices and explore topics of their interests that might outlive their life, such as memory, myths, and materiality.



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