11 10 / 2021

Art business in Thai art scene with BK Magazine

Punnapa Parimethachai, the director of JWD Art Space

Nowadays people’s lives are more connected with art, there were many revolutions in the art industry. We therefore bring you to an article that BK Magazine had interviewed with Khun Punnapa Parimethachai, the director of JWD Art Space, about the beginning of this art space, and some interesting issues about contemporary art in Thailand. How far will it go on the world art scene? Check out some of her thought from this short interview.

BK Magazine- What is the concept of JWD Art Space? How did it all begin?

Punnapa-We are positioned as the first art eco-system in Thailand, meaning to be the first inclusive logistics service provider for contemporary art. Including a marvelous art space, world-class standard art storage, shipping, transportation, installation, art restoration, and handling of artworks.

It was all began with Khun Charvanin Bunditkitsada, CEO of JWD Group- who spotted an opportunity for art logistic business in Thailand. He noticed how the number of Art Collectors risen in recent years, ranging in various age groups. It is a pleasure for the art industry to see more young art collectors get hooked to the meaning of preserving these unique creations in this day and age where modern technology takes its reign. There is no stopping once one fell in love with art, because they will keep seeking out for their next masterpieces, for Art is not only as an investment but also a pleasure that adheres.

Since the art market can somewhat, niche, not many businessman would dare to step in this risky journey as they might not yet visualize about the idea of how this longterm investment might turn out. Collecting art is different from just buying. As for me, I have been in this art business for almost 20 years, I understand the nature of art system in Thailand, whether it’s contemporary and Masterpiece. Also, many art circle and collectors are what I am pretty sure I can handle.

Then, I had the chance to work some business with khun Charvanin a few years back, and we exchanged some ideas that somehow, started shaping the very first draft of today’s JWD Art Space where was officially opened in November 2019, as a results of a journey of lots of considerations and bold decisions. Aiming to be the fully integrated art management system that protects the value and integrity of each precious art pieces, and all art services we offer.

BK Magazine- In your opinion, how is JWD Art Space different from other art galleries?

Punnapa- Each galleries has their own color, in which of course JWD Art Space is also proud to deliver our very own, unique identity as well.  Since we are the first Professional Fine Art Storage in Thailand, our ability to enhance customer’s art experiences is ultimate. We offer all solutions to every issues that an art enthusiast could possibly look for. A consultant services on Art Investments, inclusive Art Handling services, world-standard Fine-Art Storage Space, the spacious Art Exhibition area, an exclusive Private VIP Viewing Room for hosting private art collections events

What we could bring is far more than the basic standard. It’s a one-stop solution, a fine-art eco-system, with key speciality is the perfect coalition of Logistic profession and Fine-Art knowledge, for the JWD Logistics Group is one of the leading logistics companies in Thailand.

BK Magazine- Can we expect a bright future from the Thai art scene?

Punnapa- The only thing that is definite, is a ‘Yes’. Many Thai artists has been and are currently reach the international level, many has their works exhibited in the top-tier events like Venice Biennale, Documenta, Art Basel and many more. Some Thai artists choose to take their chances overseas first then bring back the best of their practices to this motherland. Keep an eye out for Thai Art, for we have all it takes. The grandmasters, the popular, the emerging, the uprising. These artists are not only adhere so much inspirations, but also their limitless ambition in bringing out the best art to showcase the world.

I am, and had always believe in the bright future of the Thai art scene.


Thanks to BK Magazine for the interviews.

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