27 07 / 2022

Condition Report for Art

When it’s not as it seems. If the artworks got damaged, then who will take the responsibilities?

Oftenly, this kind of mistake occurs in the process of artwork delivery: Scratches, damage, cracks, chipping, stains, or else. The question is when did it happen? Who caused the damage? And whom should be responsible for it? That’s why you always need to do a Condition Report before or after receiving the artwork. This is something that professional should always pay attention to.

What is the condition report for Art?

It’s a record of an artwork’s condition during the process between being received or being delivered, written as an official document, which should be specify details of the artwork’s condition: whether it’s broken, damaged, dirty or any other special notations. Normally, the art service provider or the company, should be responsible for preparing the condition report.

How important?

Assessing only with our own eyes, we may never estimate exactly how much an artwork is worth. And with an expensive art piece, there are always some hidden costs- whether it is for repairs, maintenance, materials, or any other fees. A Condition Report will be an important evidence for cases when the dispute of contract occurs, or claims about whom should be responsible for the damages. Therefore, the condition report of the artwork should be documented when it is received or delivered, where the owner, the service provider and the team are mutually recognized so that they can be checked later.

Insurance for works of art is as important as you can imagine.

Your precious work of art might be under uncertain risks no matter how careful you pay attention to them. That is the why reason we are willing to pay for insurances in exchange for the safety value to ease our worries when some of them cannot be replaced, or reproduced. Under a good art insurance, you can be ensured that the insurance company will certify the damage and help fix the problem on the spot when there is any accident happen to your art.


JWD Art Space understands this matter. Our art services are always covered with art insurance upon storage, shipping, transportation, installation, de-installation. This makes us different than others. Don’t miss out this amazing opportunity, we have a team whom is welcome to help you and finding a best solution for your best Arts.

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