27 10 / 2021

Finding the Art Experiences

Art lift human up beyond everyday experience, a positive experience in a disordered world.

To decorating living spaces is a one of a reason people begin to collect art. But the world has already changed, reports and researches reveal that Art is important to your life in many dimensions, investment, lifestyle, wealth and economic indicators or other reasons. Art makes people feel different from another. Let’s read 5 mins to explore more what Art can give you in various dimensions.

Aesthetic Value
To reveal the personality. Collecting artwork is a powerful way to express one’s personality. Your collections show who you are or your lifestyle, while some collectors stick with a certain style or specific artist, others collect a diverse range of artwork from various artists to convey different sides of their personality. Besides, art collectors often feel a deep connection to the artwork in their collection. Whether an important memory or a family likeness, collectors often express deep emotions through their collections. Arts can lift them up beyond everyday experiences, Come home to see a favorite painting every day is a completely different experience than walking past it in a gallery. Collectors want to live with their art and let it seep into the soul of their homes.

Build the community.
The community of art collectors has a strong bond. Getting together with fellow collectors means discussing artists, artistic styles and the latest installments into carefully-selected art collections. Also, to collect art is to experience the thrill of the search. Art collectors understand the unmatched feeling of discovering a new work of art for their collection. After carefully researching, nothing compares to finally encountering new artwork for their collection.

To support the arts industry.
Dedicated art collectors understand the value art has on society. To support their deep passion for the arts, art collectors take it upon themselves to strengthen the art industry. Taking stock of the value of art is integrally tied to the value of artists, artists’ work as educators, aesthetic entertainer. Currency in art has a beautiful double meaning – it’s about cultural relevance as well as economics. The fundamental question of how artists are valued in our society has been introduced in a more public dialogue in recent years by social media platform and press. Moreover, Art helps human understand other cultures better—a perspective observed across all demographic.

Art for Long-term Investment.
Profits from art won’t happen overnight. Art is a long-term investment, experts may recommend art investment for patient investors with a time window of 5 years or more, so think long term. Many art investors include paintings in their estate planning as assets to pass on to their descendants. Also, please noticed that Art is risky. Every artwork is unique, and the art market has ups and downs just like any other market. Since it’s impossible to determine an artwork’s true value—a lot depends on the artist’s reputation and on the economy as a whole—you should be comfortable assuming some risk.

However, there is evidence that young gen are taking a strong interest in collecting art – and changing the channels through which it is sold like Instagram. As revealed in the 2020 edition of The Art Basel and UBS Global Art Market Report, High Net Worth (HNW) millennials are now the fastest-growing constituency of collectors, and at the top end of the market, they buy more art and spend more on it than any other demographic. Millennial buyers view art through a prism of social and investment values

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