16 09 / 2022

First step conservation for artwork on paper

Art on paper is one of the most notable and most common art mediums we have known of. However, despite its accessibility and usage, the real concern for any paper artwork begins with their durability in which they are prone to damage easier than other stable materials. Many cases failed to keep hold of paper artworks due to discoloration, fungus, fragility, scratches, or any other reasons concerning its durability. To prevent the damage that may occur, these following initial care steps or inspections may help prolong this distinctive type of work, and to make it stay with you longer and safer.

๐Ÿ—ณ Record
Keep track and checkup of your art collection, create a condition file and keep up to date with the status of your artworks, record the cost of maintaining it. Make your artwork maintenance clearer and make the best choice efficiently.

๐Ÿ  Distance and Placement
Placing paper artwork in their suitable area is important and should not be overlooked. You should avoid damp or dry areas such as bathrooms, attics, and the basement. The humidity of these areas can cause various damages to paper art such as warp, mold, stains caused by chemical reactions; form marks on the paper or the adhesion of the frame will grease- which cause the paper and glass frame to stick together and become difficult to separate later on. Certain dry areas are directly exposed to lights and high temperature, and the work would crack and its color would fade. It is also recommended that the space should be raised with a barrier and a minimum of 5 cm between the wall and the back of the artwork when hanging paper artwork indoors. Hanging equipment needs to be carefully chosen for their quality, as the weight of the hanging system will directly impact the artwork’s safety.

๐Ÿงน Cleaning
Caretaking your artwork with direct water or detergent is extremely dangerous. Instead, you would need a dry, soft and delicate brush to sweep away the dust and dirt from the artwork and its frame. Or if you need to use any kind of spray or substances to clean the frame, remind yourself to spray it on a soft cloth and gently wipe instead of spraying directly to your artwork or frame.

Here’s only an introductory guide to taking care of your artwork on paper. Taking care of a piece of art requires attention, as well as tools, are also important. And if you’re not sure how to manage it. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an expert to assist you in all of the above? You may consider a consultation with JWD Art Space beforehand, so that we can provide you with the art solutions that will make your life much easier. See our services > https://www.jwd-artspace.com/en/service/

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