19 01 / 2022

Start your 2022 with “How To” Clear&Clean

New year is here! Let’s clear out the space and open our mind to refreshing new things. How about starting with your Home decorations and finding a new look in the house to show off your art collections? Let’s check the lists to see what you can do!

Cleaning a piece of art or home furnishings from dust is the most basic step to protect artworks. These accumulation of dust can cause dirt or damage in the future to your beloved art and Home decors. If you let this problem go on for too long, a thick layer of dust will accumulate, and may become a hazards that affect your family’s health. This also shows how inattentive in owning an artwork would cause.

Objects or works of art sometimes require their own space. Did you know that placing them too close and stacked with nothing to prevent bumping can damage the material later (or immediately). Stacking them with layers of protective barriers such as bubble wrap, fabric, etc can help reduce the friction or breakage that can occur in the future.

A right match always matters to us, whether in human relationships or in work. Yet, the right climate is significantly important as well. Do you know that leaving an artwork unattended under unstable climate, exposing it to a dry or too humid environment could ruin the expensive artwork? Artwork materials like canvas or sensitive paper are extremely sensitive, which could cause damage and molding if being placed in the unstable climate. Remember that anything can happen, so keep your precious artwork in the fixed ideal temperature for your peace of mind.

Art is not a tree. Therefore, excessive sunlight or warmth is not the ideal atmosphere for your artwork. Extreme care is what we need for these sensitive items and pieces of art, they shall not be exposed to direct sunlight, excessive or prolonged sun exposure. In addition, the warm sunlights may cause the color of the work to fade, affecting paper or canvas to crack, or leaving unwanted marks on sculptures.

If you are uncertain about anything, ask for a guru! How many times you’ve had to go through mistake experiences. An advice from the experts or professional whom has experiences in the field that will save you a lot of time, and will also avoid the damages that could happen to your cherished belongings.

Perhaps, you might want to consult experts on art services control and preservations. Here at JWD Art Space, we offer you the inclusive services with specialists in logistics and long-experience art management, who are ready to find the best solution for your art demands. JWD Art Space- the first full-inclusive art service that is trusted by Thai and International clients.

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