08 06 / 2022

Tips on choosing the right Art Storage for your artworks

To be able to customize a home space for each of your precious artworks is hard, yet finding a trusted system to handle in your precious collection is even more challenging. Here are the most inclusive advices to consider before giving your artwork into storage.


Size does matter

The works of art are all diverse, either technique or size. Owning 2 meter-long artwork or bigger, owning many piece of art within a limited area, or the middle size but comes with few numbers or editions and you have no space to keep them all. These headache matters would complicate and troubled your personal storing. Wouldn’t it be better to store them in a professional art storage? A good art storage company should have a big storage unit that can support all-art-sizes with high-tech storage systems used only for world-class museums. So you could be worry-free when collecting more art, knowing there is always the storage solution company for you to trust.

Safety first, sleep well

Many concerns about your precious artworks could be in danger even inside your own house storage, like something will fall and accidentally destroy your paintings, your sculpture might crack due to unwanted carelessness, or it could be stolen. Especially when collecting art is not only an artistry passion but as well one kind of an investment. Fingerprint scanning, security CCTV, quickest and smartest alarm systems, these may sounds like what you are looking for.


Not only heat will damage your artworks, but humidity as well. These can caused molds and other stains on the artwork, an unstable temperature will reacts to the surface of the artwork or damp caused various forms of damage. For this reason, to choose the place that keeping your precious works in a fixed temperature will prolong the work life and preserve their condition at stable state.


Standards and safety will come with high expenses of machines and alarm systems involved. Yet to say the most important thing is keeping all those artworks in a temperature-consistent space. This means air condition or dehumidifier needs to be working at all times- which installing these machines at your house might be costly and lead to wasteful resources, this is not smart-spending. Imagine somewhere specialized to store artworks 24 hrs a day, that supports all machines and be your ultimate solution with a reasonable price.

Life is good when everything is nearer

The location is important, it should be easy and fast to access from your place. Where you can come and comfortable talking, arrange meetings with other art acquaintances, or visiting your belongings in the storage.


Come to JWD Art Space, where all the solutions are available! We are the first and fully inclusive service of Art in Thailand, equipped you with advices about art, and highly-recommended by big organizations and galleries, as well as collectors and artists around Thailand and internationals. We would bring you a satisfied experience when your artworks are under our care.

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