14 04 / 2023

World Art Day – 15th of April

Recognised as the day in which Thai people enjoy splashing water in Songkran festival, 15 April also marks a significant day in the calendar, especially for art enthusiasts and those who work in the art field as it is “World Art Day” which is an international celebration of fine art to increase awareness of creativity all over the world and to promote unity in cultural diversity.

Founded in 2012 by the International Association of Art (IAA), the 15th of April was chosen for World Art Day to honor the birthday of one of the most renowned artists in history, Leonardo da Vinci as he is considered a symbol of tolerance, peace, freedom of expression and multiculturalism.

As everyone knows “art” comes in many different forms, not only paintings but also includes architecture, music, painting, sculpting, dance, literature and cinema. It becomes a medium for people to express themselves through creativity. Different cultures have different tastes and styles. However, art surprisingly has the power to unite people together. Therefore, World Art Day is a great opportunity, especially for Thai people during the Songkran break to take time to appreciate the beautiful things around them. Moreover, this day is also a reminder for everyone to express themselves through art as everyone’s piece of work contributes to the sustainable development of art which is the main goal of World Art Day.

In contributing to the sustainable development of art, provided by JWD Art Space are fine art services including Fine Art Logistic Solutions, Fine Art Storage and Fine Art Insurance supervised by our experienced experts to ensure that every piece of art will portray its beauty to the audience to the fullest.

Additionally, visiting art galleries or museums is among the activities to join on this holiday. We invite everyone to celebrate the belated World Art Day with the “Eclipse” exhibition by Prasong Luemuang at JWD Art Space which will reopen after the Songkran holiday on Tuesday 18 April.






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